Why Us

The DOCUXCEL Advantage

  • Performance-based contract model – Fee at Risk
  • Vested Partnership - Committed to success of each other's business
  • VantageTrax™ - Enterprise Tracking System/Performance scorecard reporting and service level data
  • Engaged and responsive senior leadership team with over 100+ years industry experience
  • Proactive rigorous innovation and cost reduction programs
  • Happy Associates = Happy Clients
  • Unbiased technology recommendations



Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

DOCUXCEL is a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE), certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s leading advocate of women-owned businesses as suppliers to U.S. corporations and government agencies.

As a WBENC Certified company, we provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 diverse spend opportunities for our clients. In addition, your organization may reap the following benefits:

  • Increased Revenue and Profits- Research has shown that companies who embrace diversity in their supply chain are more profitable as their consumers are better represented.
  • Superior Products & Processes- Members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives avoid “groupthink”; creating greater innovative solutions and processes.
  • Tax Incentives- The federal government provides tax breaks for companies that partner with minority and women-owned businesses as suppliers.
  • Economic Growth- Showcases the company’s interest in and commitment to the economic growth of all communities. WBE’s are one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy and a key force behind job growth and creation.

VantageTrax™ - Enterprise Reporting System

Accelerate your organization’s reporting capabilities with our proprietary software, VantageTrax™. This Enterprise Reporting and Tracking Solution will provide you with customized bench marked metrics based on key performance indicators and scorecard reporting to ensure all SLA’s are being met or exceeded. 

VantageTrax™ focuses on three core metrics to help our clients drive standardization, consolidation, and innovation, while achieving cost savings and risk management:

1. Advanced reporting for increased accountability

2. Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities for client reviews

3. Continuous improvement & quality of service configured to support diverse business needs

Performance can be tracked for all sites across all applicable service platforms, including mail, shipping & receiving, reprographics, records management, imaging, and general office services.