Welcome to DOCUXCEL

DOCUXCEL is a national managed services provider in the document outsourcing industry that provides high value, innovative on-site solutions for mail and package management, print, records information management, and hospitality support services.

We excel at identifying challenges within your organization, and work collaboratively to provide the subject matter expertise to increase productivity, reduce cost and mitigate risk in a continuous cycle of improvement. Our target markets include corporate, life sciences, healthcare, legal, and education.

The DOCUXCEL Advantage

As a WBENC Certified company, we provide diversity though Tier 1 and Tier 2 spend opportunities for our clients. As your on-site managed services vested partner, we are committed to the success of your business’s future as much as our own. We pride ourselves on our “flat” organizational structure that results in a flexible and highly responsive strategic partner.

We are proactive in our approach to building innovation, making unbiased technology recommendations, and creating cost reduction programs. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining a safe work place; DOCUXCEL has an “A” Safety Rating by ISNetword.