Shipping & Receiving

Streamline your Shipping & Receiving operations at your workplace by partnering with DOCUXCEL. As your on-site managed services provider, our highly qualified professionals, certified in HAZMAT and other regulatory handling and material handling equipment, utilize proven best practices and innovative chain of custody technology to ensure compliance in shipping and receiving centers. Additionally, our team members can manage your supply chain and vendor relationships to control costs and reduce risks to your company.

DOCUXCEL can also support your specialized shipping & receiving needs with the following:

  • Hazardous packaging & shipping
  • Development of SOPs for safe handling practices
  • Blood Bourne Pathogen Hazard Awareness Training
  • Material management of lab supplies & solvents
  • Internal lab waste collection & log management
  • Cryogenic and high pressure cylinder management
  • Class 7 radiation handling & shipping

­­DOCUXCEL’s deep industry knowledge and proven range of services is amplified by our unique ability to help our clients cut costs without compromising safety and quality.