Records Information Management 

Get Valuable Insight with Our Records Information Management Solutions

Ensure accuracy, accessibility, security and confidentiality of your critical documents with Records Information Management (RIM) Solutions from DOCUXCEL. As your on-site managed services provider, we support your enterprise-wide requirements with advanced technology, end-to-end retention processes, records compliance, and experienced staff.

Whether you have a couple boxes or a room full of documents, DOCUXCEL can prep, unitize, scan, index, upload digital images and metadata to your existing ERMS or design a system for you.

The DOCUXCEL RIM teams are experts in providing protection of your organizational assets, ensuring records compliance, and supporting legal discovery. We can also support your organization with:

  • High volume scanning, archiving, indexing/OCR, and file conversion
  • Avoiding risk and litigation
  • Adhering to records retention/disposition schedule
  • Coordination with document storage and destruction services
  • Retrieval for internal and external customers

At DOCUXCEL, RIM is more than simply archiving your critical office documents and electronic records. It is the control and life cycle management of your organization’s documents, media, intellectual property, and informational assets.