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Rise of the Machines – The Robot Revolution

By DX Marketing Team  /  May 3, 2019
The year is 2019.  News continues to spread about the rise of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and delivery bots.  Several...
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The Future – Are We There Yet?

By DX Marketing Team  /  February 22, 2019
Think about it.  In less than a year, it will be 2020.  That sounds so futuristic.  But will it be...
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USPS Task Force Report – Can It Really Save the USPS?

By DX Marketing Team  /  December 18, 2018
Back in April of 2018, President Trump ordered a special task force to analyze the USPS operating structure and develop...
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Mail and Shipping – Your Guide to Managing Cost

By DX Marketing Team  /  November 12, 2018
DOCUXCEL recently published an announcement from the US Postal Service of a proposed postage rate hike for January 2019, one...
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Recruiting Challenges – Facing Facts to Find Solutions

By DX Marketing Team  /  September 15, 2018
If you are like many organizations, recruiting top talent has become one of your biggest challenges. In a recent poll,...
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Business Process Outsourcing – A Brief Study

By DX Marketing Team  /  August 27, 2018
Research will show that the concept of business process outsourcing began as early as 1981 when major corporations realized that...
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